About us

We provide fast, careful and satisfying service for our customers for more then 20 years. Our prices are unbeaten and our trained and experienced movers are the best in the business.

At Run Moving and Storage Inc. we put a huge emphasis on customer service assuring our clients the personal attention their move requires. We also continue to maintain and create new ways to be a green company. We have many customers we’ve moved three, four and five times, from cramped studio apartments in the city to spacious homes for their growing families. We’ve moved businesses from one-room offices through a succession of spaces to entire floors of downtown skyscrapers.

Moving truckOur mission is to provide highly cost-effective moving services, where you pay for value and we provide a less expensive way of getting such value. Our moving company is family-owned, so we pride ourselves on understanding the weight of having a budget of time as well as money, and how much it means to be able to stick to those budgets. We also understand that the moving process is highly stressful, and we strive to make it more comfortable for individuals, families, and companies alike.

We will always work respectfully with all our clients as we do with all our colleagues. We do this in order to build a quality support system, get to the real issues and resolve them by providing the client with practical recommendations and problem resolutions. Our client’s needs are our #1 priority.

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